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When it comes to painting, it is all about attention to detail. Everyone would agree that the look of the building might send a powerful message. Especially when it is a commercial building, this message becomes even more vital for attracting customers. It is even true to say that the look of your business’ building definitely can determine the success of your company. All experienced business owners know that customers will not walk into a business that does not have clean, pretty, fresh and welcoming feel and atmosphere. Therefore, whether you want to paint or repaint your offices, warehouse or other commercial buildings you need to find and hire professional commercial painting service provider in

Pittsburgh PA. A commercial painting company that is committed to completing a high-quality job in a timely manner.

Once decided on the color Pittsburgh PA commercial painting professionals may start their work. Just a small important note to self – make sure to make a note of color name and number, as it might be very much needed for future purposes.

Here are a couple of important steps that commercial painting professionals should take action to understand the commercial painting process and efficiently fulfill your needs.


Whether the job includes redecorating the building or painting for the first time Pittsburgh PA commercial painting contractor should take into account that planning is very vital. So, plenty of time should be given prior to the visit, for you to consider all the consequences and factors that might affect the painting process. Apart from this, the contractor might come to help with ideas and opinions to organize the commercial painting process more effectively.


Once everything is set and agreed, Pittsburgh PA commercial painting contractor might start the preparation process and complete all the prep steps in order to ensure the timely fulfillment of the job. First of all, commercial painting contractors need to take a closer look at the surface that needs to be painted, both exterior and interior. Because of too many different types of surfaces, a detailed specification needs to be provided after closely examining your specific surface. The next important step in preparation is completely protecting the contents of the commercial building with plastic and tape including any type of fixture to keep them clean and free of dust and any painting product. What comes to protecting the contents is thoroughly cleaning the surface. The cleaning can be done with high-pressure air blowers for interior walls and ceiling. As for the exterior walls and surfaces, it might be done with power washing. Additional dust, oil, dirt or anything might be removed by hand washing using no-rinse cleaners. If repainting, any area of previous peeling paint needs to be scraped and sanded, making the surface very smooth. If needed, drywall might be repaired and Pittsburgh PA commercial painting contractor might implement the professional stain killing process to remove all the leaks and leak stains before getting to the next step of commercial painting.

Priming Your Commercial Property Before Painting

Before starting the priming process, commercial painting professionals will make sure that the surface that needs to be painted is sanded. Once again, as mentioned in the preparation step, it is important that the surface is sanded before applying any coat of primer paint. This might include sealing with a caulk and block filling cinder blocks if needed. Once this is completed, it is time to get to the priming of the surface.

There is a common myth that walls that have been painted for many times do not need to be primed. This is not true and whether you are painting for the first time or repainting the walls Pittsburgh PA commercial painting professionals will apply primer before starting the painting process both on the building’s

exterior components, as well as on interior partitions and walls. Priming is important mainly because it assures that the surface being painted lasts longer, extending the life of the topcoat. Priming also makes the final product very eye-appealing and catchy, by helping to bring out the true color that people spend hours to decide on. Applying the primer before the pain coat will make the final surface a lot smoother. Priming over new surfaces reduces the amount of paint being absorbed. The main function of priming is to ensure that any successive layers of paint stick to the surface properly.

The Actual Commercial Painting Process

The preparation process is very important and everything needs to be done properly in order to ensure the flawless process of commercial painting. Once everything is done properly, it comes for the most important part of the job – painting. If there is a specific design that needs to be done, Pittsburgh PA commercial painting contractor needs to review the design with you several times and go through all the details. Once, the brush is applied to the surface, especially during the exterior painting, when applying it to the bricks, it might be very costly to go back and change or fix anything. Therefore, the contractor needs to discuss all the details before starting the commercial painting process.

Properly Applying The Paint To Your Commercial Property In Pittsburgh PA

Once the right paint is found for the building, the process of carefully and efficiently applying begins. During the interior painting process, some upper walls and ceiling may be sprayed with dry fall paint, to make the drying process more efficient. As for the lower walls, doors frames enamel gloss might be applied.

After applying the paint, it comes to any specifically required design and all the final touches are made to ensure the high-quality outcome and professional finish.

Cleaning Up After Your Commercial Painting Property

The paint is carefully applied and the designing touches are made by the commercial painting provider in Pittsburgh. Now, it is time for the cleanup to get to the final eye-appealing look of the interior and exterior of the building. All the preparation materials, including any tape, plastics and anything that was applied to cover the components needs to be removed. The floors and any other exposed surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned. Here, the main goal of the commercial painting contractors is to leave the building cleaner than it was before they came in but with a lot more beautiful, fresh, polished and brand-new look.


Having a high-quality commercial painting contractor in Pittsburgh PA might give a number of benefits with the most important ones being the knowledge and previous experience, which will prevent wrong decisions and possible failures, as well as the methodical approach to ensure that the standard operating procedures are followed and a high-quality result is guaranteed. Following the current technological progress, commercial painting professionals will work with modern equipment and tools by providing more affordable prices and completing the job quicker and better.

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