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As a homeowner, you have questions about the process of painting your house as there are various preparations and procedures that ought to be followed. The best painting company ought to supply its customers with all the necessary information they ought to know before they embark on their house exterior painting project. When embarking on such a project, it is important that you follow a number of useful steps in order to achieve the best results that will guarantee you of lasting for years. Here are some of the important steps that you ought to follow when painting the exterior of your home:


Preparing the exterior of your building prior to applying paint is as crucial as the painting process itself. A company’s painting team will always ensure that the exterior of your building is properly prepared for its new coat of paint. The preparation process varies from one building to another as buildings have varying exteriors that require different approaches. When painting the exterior of your building, nearly half of the whole process is preparation. This explains just how crucial this stage is to the success of the project in order for the exterior paint to look great and last long.

If your home is in close contact with bushes, plants or trees, you should trim the branches to ensure that they do not come into close contact with your home’s exterior walls. This will ensure that the painters will have an adequate space to do the painting job perfectly. It will also help eradicate the chances of the branches touching the wet paint after the painting is done. Here are the crucial steps to be followed while undertaking an exterior painting project.


Before tackling any painting project on your home’s exterior, you have to ensure that you properly and thoroughly wash it from top to bottom. A pressure-washer will come in handy as it will save you lots of time and energy when compared to washing by hand. Straight water will adequately clean the exterior walls of your home. If your home has severe stains on the outside or the presence of mold, you can use cleaning additives to clean your home. Washing your exterior walls thoroughly will guarantee of a clean surface, which will maximize the adhesion of the new paint. You should let your walls dry for a day before proceeding on the other steps.


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After allowing your house to dry thoroughly, the professionals will proceed to scrape away any cracking paint. This step helps in getting rid of the entire leftover loose pant that is usually left on the exterior surface after the pressure washing is done. This step ought to be done after the exterior walls are well dried to help avoid more flaking. CaulkingCaulking is usually the third step and it involves the filling of cracked seams along vertical junctions and between clapboards. The present cracks and voids ought to be filled with caulk until it flows outside them. A damp towel or rag will then be used to wipe away the excess caulk. Areas and gaps that were left for ventilation matters like between a gutter and a soffit should not be caulked. Priming Your Exterior Before Painting

Apply Primer Onto Your Exterior Before Painting

Before proceeding with your exterior painting with your favorite color, you should apply primer to all the bare areas of the wall. The primer seals the bare areas of your exterior wall and assists in improving the adhesion of paint to the exterior surface. Priming is important as it helps in not only helping your paint stick well to the exterior surface of your home but also help in extending your paint’s lifespan.

Protecting Windows, Lights, and Doors

Before you apply paint to the exterior walls, you should ensure that you have properly covered your lights, doors, and windows properly to protect them from catching the paint. You can use plastic sheeting to protect these items and a painter’s tape will help you secure the items well. This step is equally important as it keeps your windows, doors, and lights free from the exterior paint you choose for the walls as you may opt to have a different color on the doors.

Exterior Painting – Putting On The Finishing Touches

Finally, after making a great choice of your paint, which ought to be easily applicable, dry fast and easy to clean, you can proceed with the painting proper. Load your preferred exterior paint color into a paint sprayer and then proceed to apply one or even two coats depending on the hue intensity to the entire exterior walls of your building. The painting ought to start from the top to bottom in a controlled and smooth manner making sure to overlap every stroke by about eight inches.

Painting Trim and Doors

After the exterior walls are painted, the next areas to be painted will be the doors, lighting fixtures and windows. The plastic sheeting used to secure them from the paint should be removed to enable the completion of the job. Two coats of exterior semi-gloss paint would be perfect for painting on the doors and any woodwork using a paintbrush.

Applying Top Coats

When it comes to the application of top coats, most top companies based in Pittsburgh, observe the rule that less is more. Having too many layers of paint would result in the paint flaking off early as the paint does not bond well with the layers beyond it. If you are changing the color of your exterior walls from a light color to a similar one, a single coat may work the magic. If you are changing the exterior walls from a light color to a darker one or vice versa, then two coats of paint would be adequate.

Final Words

Any kind of home improvement is usually an investment in itself and this is the case with exterior painting. It is advisable and wise to invest the time and resources to do the job in the right way starting from the preparation stage in order to ensure quality painting in the end. A well-prepared job will definitely look better and continue being in existence for a longer period of time than a rushed project. All the above steps are important to follow in order to achieve the best results.

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